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Grand Rapids, MI family photographer 

for playful families

Hi, I'm Lindsay (she/her), 

the snap-happy family photographer, with a dog named Beesly, a penchant for high-proof bourbon, and an almost religious devotion to the genius of Ted Lasso. 

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Hiking and kayaking act as my therapy sessions, and my furry co-pilot, Beesly (As in Pam Beesly, from The Office. If you know, you know!), is my constant companion. When my kids or I need a reset, we go outside. And it works. The wild things bring us back to ourselves.

In those in-between moments, I'll be fireside on my couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a glass of high-proof bourbon in hand. My dog, is usually curled up, peacefully asleep on my lap. You'll catch me engrossed in a book, playing uproarious games with the family (Cards Against Humanity-Family Edition, anyone? Because who doesn't love a good fart joke!), or relishing a quiet moment with the genius of Ted Lasso – my undercover therapy. But hey, don't spill the beans to my therapist, okay? Although, truth be told, she's already in on it. I'm on a mission to convert everyone to the brilliance of Ted. Seriously, it's a freaking genius work of art. If you haven't watched it yet... GO, NOW!

Life may get chaotic, but a good hike, a splash of bourbon in my glass, and some belly rubs (for Beesly, not me!) hold an incredible power to mend the day.

Celebrating Every Family's Story

I believe the magic lies in the imperfections that make each family unique. The moments that draw me in are the ones tinged with irreverence, where laughter flows freely and genuine connections unfold.

Through my lens, I seek to freeze those fleeting instances when love, laughter, and the quirks of our true selves intertwine, creating a long lasting visual story of family life.

I believe every family is unique and everyone is worthy of love and belonging. I strive to be a safe space for all.

I would be honored to photograph your story.

"Every single photo shows our love and laughter!
We were basically on a walk in a beautiful place we love and just happened to have Lindsay with us." - Sarah Offringa

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