What to Expect
Explore, Play, Connect

In each session:

I capture a mix of candid moments and what I call "the secret sauce" for capturing those genuine connections and laughter in front of the camera. Whether it's a quirky question, a playful prompt, or a hilarious challenge, we'll turn those moments into unforgettable shots that showcase the true spirit of your family. Get ready for a laughter-filled photo session where every click tells a story.

I want you to relax and enjoy your family, knowing that you will leave this experience with tangible evidence of your connection to each other, moments in time you can treasure long after your little ones are grown.

Trying to decide on an In-Home or Into the Wild?

Let's start with a few questions; Are you the type that treasures home sweet home, embracing the chaos of everyday life? Or do you lean more towards outdoor adventures, conquering streams, woods, and local parks? Let's unravel your family's narrative and pick the perfect backdrop for our photographic adventure!

No matter the location we'll engage in fun activities and genuine connections. 

Step 1: Connect with me

Start the journey by filling out the form on my Get in Touch page. We'll promptly schedule a quick 15-minute phone call. It’s important to me to learn a little about everyone, even your furry family members! I'll inquire about your expectations for the session, asking questions like "What are you looking forward to in a session with me?" and "What things are you worried about?"

Rest assured, there's no sales pitch or pressure to commit. It's an opportunity for both of us to determine if we're a good fit.

Step 2: Secure your Session

Once we've agreed on a date, signed the contract, and the session fee is settled, you will be officially booked.

Step 3: Ready for Fun!

Hooray! I’ll be in touch to plan all the details and to make sure you're fully prepared, I'll send you a "What to Expect" guide. This comprehensive document will answer all your questions, providing insights into how to prepare for your playful family photo shoot. From tips on how to relax beforehand to what to do with phones and bags, this guide is designed to ensure your experience is enjoyable, stress-free, and results in stunning family memories.

Hi, I'm Lindsay of LR Photos. 

My car bumper sticker says "Dangerous Women Read". My home is covered in plants and I'm always looking for the next great park to hike or river to kayak. 

I love to photograph playful untamed families because as a mom I know what it's like to worry about my family being accepted with all our little quirks.

With me you belong, your family is safe, and there's no pressure to be something you're not.

Get to know me more...

Looking for more information on what it's like to work with me?

Download my Client Guide, which includes more details about what to expect in a session with me and the full pricing information.

"We had the most fun during our session.
Lindsay has an amazing talent to capture the true joy & love we have. The final results are amazing" - Kayla Scholten
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