Into Your Life
Let’s find the magic in your everyday moments.

Everybody brushes their teeth and eats meals, but nobody lives their life quite like you do. Let’s capture what makes your family singular.

I want to photograph your everyday

–the book you always read and the way you rub your child’s back.

You don’t need your clothes to match. It’s probably better if you don’t. You don’t need to curl everybody’s hair. In fact, if your kids want to wear capes and show me the treasures they have on display in their room, I’m all in.

Because someday, you’ll want to remember their nimble grace, almost otherworldly, as your children scampered through the house. You’ll want to remember how their skin sparkled and glowed beneath the sinking sun, and more than anything, I want to catch these moments on film, to offer you something lasting that captures this art that is your life.

•    •    •